We are beyond excited to announce the opening of our sister facility the all-new Clear Mind Center in Wichita, Kansas — powered by Marama. And we are accepting reservations!

Our Vision: A World Without Dementia

It broke my heart to tell people that we are at capacity for Marama in San Diego. That’s why we combined our 10+ years of experience with Axiom Healthcare Services’s decades of senior living expertise to create the Clear Mind center in Wichita, Kansas — powered by Marama. Axiom is one of the country’s most awarded senior living groups and was recently awarded 2022 Best of Wichita for Assisted Living and Memory Care.

They have decades of experience operating senior living facilities and we are combining their caring expertise with everything we at Marama have learned about getting you the best in brain health — using the Bredesen protocol and cutting-edge science.

I’m eager to bring the methods we have been perfecting at Marama to more people. Dr. Bredesen’s protocols and ReCODE are exceeding our expectations, and we want to help as many people as we can. I have seen firsthand the benefits of these approaches and I’m determined to get you whatever help you may need.

Accessible, Private, and Comfortable

All rooms in the Clear Mind Center are private studio rooms with a handicap-accessible bathroom, including a walk-in shower.

Notable Amenities

Your loved one can enjoy a library, gym, physical therapy, beauty and barber shop, convenience store, post office, theater, chapel, walking path, spa, and wellness center — all in one beautiful facility. See some pictures at the bottom of this blog post. 

A Breath of Fresh Air

The Clear Mind Center has its own solarium and courtyard where residents can enjoy pleasant views. The walking path circles the entire campus — perfect for group or individual walks on nice days.

Marama has had a longstanding, lengthy waitlist — and we want to help every person who reaches out. If you’ve been waiting, now is your chance to get your loved one the cutting-edge care they deserve.

Everyone at Marama and Clear Mind are dedicated to halting and reversing the progression of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Better than home?

When it comes to family, I know that there’s simply no place like home.

That’s why I created the Marama Experience. We are the only senior living facilities with a goal for residents to get their care plan right — and return to independent living in their own homes.

Our new Clear Mind Facility can be your “home away from home” that’s actually better than your home, in terms of getting the right care that you or your loved one needs.

Why is it better?

We provide the space, food, staff, amenities and experience to implement the lifestyle changes necessary to support your cognitive health. We help you dial everything in and get your care right. Our safe, respectful, full-service homes are specifically designed to target and reverse the disease process.

graph of change in cognitive performance


From Silent to Social

I often think about Mr. and Mrs. G, two of the first people to move into Marama.

When Mr. G moved in, he believed there was nothing you could really do about dementia. He would answer with just one or two words instead of a full and complete sentence.

Now? He speaks in paragraph form, describing his work as a biologist and his work at the NIH. His hard work at Marama has paid off and we have seen some of the incredible benefits.

I have a daughter. Mrs. G remembered I have a child, but no details. For the first year and a half Mrs. G would say, “Oh, hi Doctor! Do you have a boy or a girl?” And “How old is she?”

Recently, in the past couple of months she says, “Hi Dr. Sandison. How’s Nadya? She’s still going to be three — three in December, right?”

Mrs. G is remembering everyone’s names. She’s remembering activities from the day before. She doesn’t even need to look at her book. She now supports other residents, reminding them of staff’s names, other residents’ names, and what’s next on the agenda for the day.

When I visited the residents for lunch, I mentioned there’s a new resident moving in. It was taking me a minute to remember his name — there is always a lot going on, and I hadn’t met him yet. And Mrs. G said, “Oh yes, Norman!”

She was the one reminding me.

Watching the G’s reinforces how accessible and real this recovery is. They are pioneers. Two of the first people to move into Marama have had this experience, and they’re only getting better.

That’s what this is all about. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to create these new rooms at the Clear Mind Center in Wichita.

What will your story be?


To help answer any questions you likely have about whether our program is right for you and your family, I’ve made a video explaining the Marama experience and why it matters.

Take the first steps in improving your own or your loved one’s quality of life by applying for the Clear Mind Facility in Wichita.

Dr Heather Sandison

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