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Our Vision: A World Without Dementia

We provide an immersive experience in the lifestyle proven to support cognitive health.


We are the only senior living facility with a goal for residents to return to independent living. We provide the space, food, staff, amenities and experience to implement the lifestyle changes necessary to support cognitive health. Our safe, respectful, full-service senior homes are designed to target the disease process.


We are dedicated to stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s dementia. We offer an experience encompassing the best-in-class strategies currently known to have the ability to support brain function.

Our program is specifically designed for those faced with genetic risk or already personally suffering.

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“Healing in front of our eyes”

“Mom’s journey has been amazing so far! … She’s no longer on any pharmaceuticals and her blood pressure has been stable! … physically she has improved tremendously … she can do a chair squat with no hands … her long-term memory has improved … conversations have a normal flow…“
— Momi R.

”So grateful … tremendous strides“

I’m so grateful we found Marama! My parents have improved markedly in many ways over 15 months. My mother’s short
term memory is much better … My stepfather was almost non-verbal. Now he regales the caregivers with tales of his days as a scientist at the NIH & FDA … They meditate and practice yoga … Plus, they love the food!
— Lara I

“There are steps we can all take now to prevent the cognitive decline that experts have long believed to be unavoidable and irreversible. Dramatic reductions in the prevalence of dementia could be achieved if more people underwent genetic testing and initiated a preventive program long before any symptoms appeared.”

― Dr. Dale Bredesen, The End of Alzheimer’s

Ending Alzheimers

Dr. Dale Bredesen’s book titled “The End of Alzheimer’s” details the steps he had proven an individual can take to combat Alzheimer’s Disease. The research outlined in the book and subsequent research has proven this is possible! A large part of the approach is lifestyle based. An immersive experience in that lifestyle is what we offer at Marama.

Dr. Heather Sandison, the owner and administrator of Marama, has trained with Dr. Dale Bredesen MD. In her clinical practice, Dr. Sandison has seen the Bredesen approach benefit Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline firsthand. She saw that implementing therapeutic lifestyle changes was often so overwhelming it felt nearly impossible for patients and their families.
She created Marama to fill this need.

Find out if you are a candidate for the Marama experience.


I believe deeply that this lifestyle approach to cognitive decline changes the trajectory of dementia. I have seen firsthand the benefits of these approaches and am determined that more people receive help.

- Dr. Heather Sandison ND

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