Services to Support Cognitive Health at Marama

Our goal is to return you to independent living. We provide the space, food, staff, amenities and experience to implement the lifestyle changes necessary to support cognitive health.

Our immersive experience encompasses the best-in-class strategies currently known to have the ability to support brain function.

In addition to residential care at Marama, you can also access individualized health coaching, and online education for caregivers and those directly affected. 


Included services:

• Individualized attention
• 24/7 loving, attentive care by trained caregivers
• Coordination of house calls and medical services by Bredesen trained providers
• ReVERSE subscription included (encompassing ReCODE)
• Infrared light therapy
• LiveO2 contrast oxygen therapy



Included services:


• Fresh, organic ketogenic KetoFLEX meals
and snacks with individualized meal plans
• Non-toxic housekeeping and laundry services
• Organic linens
• Sauna and exercise equipment
• Beautiful indoor and outdoor living space


Included services:

• Music therapy
• Pet therapy
• Arts & crafts
• Yoga classes
• Nature walks
• Fun, stimulating brain games and coaching


Included services:

• High speed internet

• Wheelchair accessible

• Toxin free facility

• Private rooms with private or shared bath
• Couples rooms with en-suite bath


Find out if you are a candidate for the Marama experience.

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