What does Marama mean?

Marama means ‘moonlight’ or ‘wisdom’ in Māori, which is the indigenous language of New Zealand. Our caregivers are that light that shines the way for our residents through the darkness of cognitive decline. We light the path towards the dawn of re-Awakening and remembering. 

The elephants in our logo represent caregiving and wisdom. Marama is about caretaking and caregiving. And also, of course, the wisdom of elephants who never forget. 

After being trained by Dr. Dale Bredesen, one of my first patients, showed incredible progress in just six weeks reversing her very progressed dementia. She was measurably reversing her decline in just six weeks.

When I saw what was possible for her, I couldn’t help but think about what could be possible for so many other people out there who are suffering unnecessarily with dementia. Marama is dedicated to changing the narrative around dementia. I am confident we can reverse it in the vast majority of patients.

Marama was created for people asking the question, “where can I send my loved one?” There wasn’t a place available that I really had faith would offer a full immersive experience in the Bredesen Protocol.


elephant in moonlight

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