What would your life be like if you woke up every day, ready to unleash yourself on the world?

What would our world be like if our ageing elders were comfortable and full of healthy vitality?

What gets in the way of us expressing our immense potential? For many of us, our energy levels, mental clarity, and physiological health are the first obstacle we need to tackle.

Some topics covered:

  • Heather’s personal health regime.
  • The illusion of the dichotomy of natural vs. clinical medicine.
  • The need for high-touch care in the medical field.
  • Creating personalized health programming.
  • The 6 paths of managing dementia.
  • How society can shift to accentuate individual wellbeing
  • Unlocking elder wisdom and ageing gracefully
  • What young adults should be focusing on NOW.
    MUCH more…


Dr. Heather Sandison – Neurohacking, Aging Gracefully, and Unleashing Your Biology (HEx Podcast)



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