Dr. Heather Sandison, founder of Marama, was interviewed on the podcast, “The Future is Healthy.”

She answers the question, “Are you healthy or are you struggling?” with her 5 pillars of health. The body is a complex system and we need to focus on the primary rather than secondary conditions. She plugs her patients into this matrix to get them on their way to heal their bodies and brains. She implements these principles at her facility, Marama, where patients who have Alzheimer’s and dementia live out this concept with the hope of reversing the disease. 

Have a listen and look out for what she says about our WATER and PLASTIC in regards to toxicity!! 

This is what the hosts of “The Future is Healthy” podcast have to say about the conversation:
“In today’s conversation, Dr. Sandison shares her 5 pillars of healing. We go into depth about toxins and how many we are exposed to in our day to day lives without even knowing. And these toxin exposures can lead to many health problems from fatigue to weight gain and more. She shares some of the surprising places toxins are coming from as well as her approach to detoxing her patients. Throughout the conversation she shares actionable tips for us and you all to do at home to not only avoid and get rid of toxins, but other free health tips to do in the comfort of our own home! We learned a lot from this conversation and we hope you do too!”

You can find the podcast here on their blog: Dr. Heather Sandison on Medicine Explained Podcast
On Spotify: Dr. Heather Sandison interview on Spotify
On Apple Podcasts: Dr. Heather Sandison interview on Apple Podcasts
On Anchor.fm: Dr. Heather Sandison interview on Anchor.fm

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