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Our first residents are beginning to return home!
This opens up a rare opportunity for you to join us.

Alzheimer’s is optional. Benefit from the same healing, immersive lifestyle that is helping reverse Alzheimer’s in our residents.

How: Apply now to schedule a call.

Where: Marama CA is in Vista California, just outside of San Diego. 


Dr Heather Sandison and Dr Dale Bredesen

Marama is the only senior living facility with a goal for residents to return to independent living. We provide the space, food, staff, amenities and experience to implement the lifestyle changes necessary to support cognitive health.

Our immersive experience encompasses the best-in-class strategies currently known to have the ability to support brain function. We implement the full Bredesen ReCODE protocol in compliance with your doctor’s recommendations.


727 Ascot Dr.
Vista CA 92083

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