Marama Experience

Reverse Alzheimer’s Dementia

with Clear Mind Center

Reverse Alzheimer’s Dementia

with Clear Mind Center

Our goal: to return residents to independent living

Marama Experience

Reverse Alzheimer’s Dementia

with Clear Mind Center

Reverse Alzheimer’s Dementia

with Clear Mind Center

Our goal: to return residents to independent living

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Marama has opened the Clear Mind Center in collaboration with Axiom Healthcare Services

What: To make 14 more Marama-style spots available to you and your loved ones. Only 3 spots remain!
Where: Wichita, Kansas
Why: We need more space! Since we originally opened in San Diego, Marama has had a long waitlist, and it’s heartbreaking to be unable to help every person who reaches out. So we have partnered with Axiom to create Marama’s sister: the Clear Mind Center, in Wichita Kansas.
Why now: To celebrate this new partnership we have reduced the community application fee from $7,000 to $5000 — that’s a $2,000 savings! But only for a limited time. Don’t wait. There will be a waitlist at the Clear Mind Center soon, too.

Deadline: The Community Fee returns to $7,000 on September 1.
HowApply now to schedule a call.

Note: Even if you’re not sure, start your application now. Only applications submitted before the deadline can lock in the $2000 fee reduction to extend it as far as 9/22 while you make your decision. By submitting an application, you get to talk with our staff and learn more about whether this is right for you. 

Apply Today for Free

Only applicants can speak with our staff to learn more.

Apply Today for Free

Only applicants can speak with our staff to learn more. 

A new kind of senior living facility

Kansas’ Clear Mind Center is the newest and most advanced Alzheimer’s treatment center in the country. 

happy senior couple painting

Focused on effective cure

Did you know there is a senior living center dedicated to stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s and dementia with a goal for residents to return to independent living? Kansas’ Clear Mind Center uses the same comprehensive program as Marama in San Diego, which has been shown to reverse Alzheimer’s disease in 74% of patients.

A new hope

Marama pioneered immersive full-service Bredesen ReCODE residential care focused on recovery. Since opening, demand for our service has been extraordinary, with a long waitlist. So we partnered with Axiom to create the Clear Mind Center, in Wichita Kansas. Axiom is one of the most awarded senior living groups in the country, and recently awarded 2022 Best of Wichita for Assisted Living and Memory Care. 

group of seniors building a puzzle
senior couple doing mindful yoga

Ending Alzheimer’s

Our immersive experience encompasses the best-in-class strategies currently known to have the ability to support brain function. We implement the full Bredesen ReCODE protocol in compliance with your doctor’s recommendations. 

Our goal is for residents to return to independent living. If you’re ready to get your and your loved one’s life back, then Clear Mind Center is the place for you. Fill out an application today to learn more about our program and how we can start the journey to improved brain health.

A Supportive Community for Alzheimer’s Patients and Caregivers

We provide the space, food, staff, amenities and experience to implement the lifestyle changes necessary to support cognitive health. We are a supportive community where you can connect with other people who are on the same journey as you.

Why our toxin-free facility is different than any other assisted living facility:

  • Individualized health coaching
  • Implementation of your Bredesen-trained doctor’s protocol
  • Management of brain-healing supplements and medications
  • Fresh, organic ketogenic KetoFLEX meals and snacks with individualized meal plans
  • Application of carefully chosen therapeutic modalities such as VieLight Infrared light therapy, LiveO2 contrast oxygen therapy, sauna, specialized exercise equipment, and more
  • Provide constant engagement throughout the day and prevent backsliding from isolation and inactivity
  • Provide community and connection
  • Move, meditate, and engage daily, with a carefully planned hour-by-hour protocol from waking to bedtime with activities like music therapy, pet therapy, arts & crafts, yoga, nature walks, and fun, stimulating brain games and coaching.
  • Private rooms with en-suite bath
  • Online education for caregivers and those directly affected

All with the intent to cure…

“Because no one wants to go to senior living”

—Dr. Heather Sandison

We created the Clear Mind Center to be Residential Cure, not Residential Care

Dr. Heather Sandison, is the force behind Marama and Clear Mind Center’s immersive lifestyle treatment. In her clinical practice, Dr. Sandison has seen the Bredesen approach benefit Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline firsthand. She saw that implementing therapeutic lifestyle changes was often so overwhelming it felt nearly impossible for patients and their families. She created a solution to fill this need.
Dr Heather Sandison and Dr Dale Bredesen

The Four Pillars of Alzheimer’s Reversal

The immersive experience at Clear Mind Center encompasses best-in-class strategies from Marama and the Bredesen protocol to achieve optimal brain health. We implement The Four Pillars of Marama’s Alzheimer’s reversal approach:
1. Non-toxic environment
2. Organic keto flex diet
3. Brain healing and optimizing activities
4. Exceptional caregiving
Our goal is for residents to return to independent living. If you’re ready to get your and your loved one’s life back, then Clear Mind Center is the place for you. Fill out an application today to learn more about our program and how we can start the journey to improved brain health.

“Healing in front of our eyes”

“Mom’s journey has been amazing so far! … She’s no longer on any pharmaceuticals and her blood pressure has been stable! … physically she has improved tremendously … she can do a chair squat with no hands … her long-term memory has improved … conversations have a normal flow…“
— Momi R.

”So grateful … tremendous strides“

I’m so grateful we found Marama! My parents have improved markedly in many ways over 15 months. My mother’s short term memory is much better … My stepfather was almost non-verbal. Now he regales the caregivers with tales of his days as a scientist at the NIH & FDA … They meditate and practice yoga … Plus, they love the food! — Lara I
senior couple in sportscar driving home
Stay with us — then go home again!

Join us at The Clear Mind Center

Limited Availability

Spaces at Clear Mind Center are limited, so don’t wait to apply. Contact us today to learn more about our program and take the first steps on the path to reversing Alzheimer’s.

Implement your Bredesen protocol with us. Our immersive experience encompasses the best-in-class strategies currently known to have the ability to support brain function. We implement the full Bredesen ReCODE protocol in compliance with your doctor’s recommendations.

So you can get better, and go home again.

Take a virtual tour of the Clear Mind Center

FAQ about The Clear Mind Center

What sort of facility is this?

Marama’s new location is a collaboration with Axiom Healthcare Centers — one of the highest-rated assisted living providers in the country. It is co-located in a dedicated wing of their 72,100 square-foot facility in Wichita Kansas. We are calling this partnership the Clear Mind Center.

The Clear Mind Center is a self-contained unit with its own programming and services designed by Dr. Sandison and informed by Marama, the Bredesen Protocol, and the best scientifically-validated practices.

The Clear Mind Center has its own dining area, common areas, solarium, KetoFLEX kitchen, and private individual rooms. All meals and nutrition follow the process and procedures of Marama. The staff work specifically in the Clear Mind Center and have extra training in the Marama and Bredesen methods and protocols.

In addition, residents will also have access to all of the host facility’s amenities, which include a library, gym, physical therapy, beauty and barber shop, convenience store, post office, theater, chapel, walking track, spa, and wellness center. Garage spaces and storage are also available.

What are the rooms like? Do I have privacy?

Avita studio roomAll rooms in the Clear Mind Center are private studio rooms with their own handicap-accessible bathroom that includes a walk-in shower. Each studio is approximately 300 square feet.

How are meals handled?

The Clear Mind Center has its own kitchen dedicated to Bredesen-approved KetoFLEX food preparation. Menus are created by our dietitian according to Marama and Bredesen protocols, and preparation is supervised by the Certified Dietary Manager. The Clear Mind Center has a private dining room where all meals are enjoyed by the Clear Mind Center resident community for additional social enrichment. 

How is my medication handled?

Certified Medication Aides handle all medication management, under the direction of your medical care plan. We make sure you get precisely what you are prescribed, precisely when you should have it. 

What is the surrounding environment like?

Avita pondWe have a large pond with a dock and fountain, and amazing views. The Clear Mind Center has its own solarium and courtyard where residents can enjoy the view of the pond. A walking path circles the entire campus, perfect for group or individual walks on nice days. 

Are visitors allowed?

We encourage visitors at all of our communities. We even provide each family with a unique door code for convenient access. We do ask that visitors respect our safety and security protocols.

How can I learn more?

Avita Rolling HillsYou can visit the Facebook page for Avita Rolling Hills and Memory Care, or the website of the host facility ( The website offers additional facility information, 3D tours, and perspectives of the property and rooms. Be aware that the Clear Mind Center is co-located here, but with its own services and features.

Axiom Healthcare Services
Improving Lives. Exceeding Expectations.
10300 W Maple, Wichita, KS 67209

Take a virtual tour:

Are your services covered by insurance?

a. YES! Many of our residents use their Long-Term Care Insurance to cover their stay at CMC. We are happy to create the documentation necessary to receive reimbursement from your Long-Term Care Insurance company. We are a licensed facility with the state of Kansas.

b. At CMC we do not offer health or medical care — only residential care, so we do not bill Medicare or other health insurances. We do help facilitate trips to the doctor, dentist or home visits from physical therapists and other providers. Payments for those services are arranged between the patient and the provider.

I will need to see a physician specialist during my stay at CMC. Who do I see?

a. We have a list of trusted partners in the Wichita area. We are happy to introduce you to and refer you to the specialists you need to establish care with. We have a list of neurologists, cardiologists, oncologists, psychiatrists, orthopedists, dentists and many others. Please don’t hesitate to ask!

b. When possible, considering our staffing needs at CMC we may be able to take you to your appointments or send a staff member with you. When we are unable to, we will arrange for transportation to the visit.

My husband/wife is struggling with dementia and needs your care but I need to be with him/her. Can I come too?
Yes!! We LOVE couples. Experiencing CMC together means you both get the health and brain benefits! You also both learn new routines around diet, exercise and meditation. These are routines and skills we hope you will take home with you as you continue on a healthy path. We are licensed for 15 people, so both individuals would be established as residents and we are not able to offer accommodations to one resident without charging for the services.
Typically how long is the treatment plan?
We recommend residents plan to stay for at least 6 – 12 months. We typically start seeing improvement within 6 months, however depending on what you have been able to incorporate at home in advance of your stay it can take a bit longer. Remember, this process has been going on for decades before it presented as memory loss. It will take a bit of time to reverse it.
Is there an at-home program instead of sending my loved one to Marama?
Yes. Please visit MaramaAtHome to learn about our online course offerings. You can also Contact Us for individualized health coaching. We are currently working on additional programs to support caregivers in implementing this complex protocol. Please sign up for email list to get the latest updates.
What is included in the monthly fee to stay at CMC?
  • Large room with organic Avocado Green mattress, organic cotton sheets
  • Private full bathroom with easy access no lip showers
  • Weekly non-toxic housekeeping and laundry
  • Three organic keto-flex meals per day plus snacks and beverages including non-toxic spring water only stored in glass containers
  • 24-hour care from our trained caregivers
  • Daily brain stimulating activities including creative projects, games, puzzles and more.
  • Supplement and medication storage, organization, reordering and facilitation of implementation
  • Facilitation and supervision of your personalized exercise routine including use of devices in our gym
What types of therapy are provided?
  1. Environment – From the paint on our walls, to your bed sheets and mattress to your toothpaste and our cleaning products everything is non-toxic. All you have to do is show up to to get the benefits of the clean, healing environment. The Clear Mind Center is designed to support engagement, relaxation, time outdoors and independence. 
  2. Diet – Clear Mind Center offers an organic ketogenic diet with three meals per day plus snacks. Have a seat at our table to get an amazing, brain healing meal with your friends. 
  3. Activities – Daily group activities include guided meditation, yoga, walks, gardening, art, live music, puzzles, games and daily supervised exercise and sauna therapies.
  4. Gear – The following devices are currently available in our gym for supervised training:
    1. LiveO2
    2. BioMat
    3. Infra Red Sauna
    4. Joovv light
    5. VieLight
Can I bring my loved one to you daily for treatment instead of having them live at CMC?
Unfortunately, we are not currently licensed as a day program. We hope to be able to offer this service in the future. Please sign up for email updates to get up to date information about the services we are providing.
What kind of support is offered to continue the program when my loved one leaves CMC?
We are committed to seeing all of our residential graduates thrive at home. Our goal is to support them in being as independent as possible while they are here and as they transition home. We will provide graduates and families with recipes, shopping lists, guidance on activities and the implementation of a non-toxic environment as you make the transition home.
Can my loved one stay longer than 12 months?
It depends how much fun they are! 😀

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